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Bharat Chamber of Commerce





:   Retail

:   50,000 sq. ft.

:   Completed

How do we plug in an adaptive skin?

The facade pattern is parametric. Application of parametric design in building facade, as significant means of architectural articulation, has provided the exterior surface with various levels of differentiation and correlation. This differentiation of the pattern, as visible from any corner of the appreciation space is local, context sensitive and generated by the differential solar exposure of the specific surfaces interacting with the facade tessellation.

Functional exigencies populated to an art form

Bharat Chamber of Commerce is one of the premium platforms in India to accentuate the efficiency in industrial ecology. This project boasts of its positive externalities in terms of the locational advantage being located near Park Circus, one of the busiest node in Kolkata.

The biggest challenge is to retain and accentuate the image of the building.

The design pivots around Gradation - a derivative of the functional necessities, blurring the visual character of the adjacent built forms, the overhead tram lines and the social milieu.

We wanted to reinforce its visibility, its image as a potential neighbourhood identity and depict the inner core of strength of this institution by means of its visible facade. The design is ideated to reflect pluralities as well as cognitive and hidden metaphors in order to create a visual identity, compatibility between buildings, street and neighborhood through architectural elements that add scale and character.

Functional Algorithm leading to Gradation

Urban Edge | Tramways | Climate responses | Focus | Heat gain, Glare

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