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Global School

Bhubaneswar, Odisha




:   Institutional

:   2,25,450 sq. ft.

:   On-going

Bhubaneswar today is a model of livability, evident by the city’s stable growth rate in the recent decades. It is one of the few cities that has been able to successfully capitalize upon its assets - be it the tangible and intangible heritage or its strategic location - into economic drivers that have shaped the city’s growth. Over the last decade, education in Odisha has been witnessing a rapid transformation as well. Its capital city, Bhubaneswar, is emerging as a knowledge hub in India.

As an upcoming project, the proposal of the school demands to set a landmark for the education sector as well as to build an image for the vicinity. We explored two design approaches to reach the same goal of an enhanced state of the art educational environment conducive to better learning - simultaneously striving to create a contextual impact in its fabric and the skyline.

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